How to Create the Ultimate Gaming Lair

Gaming Lair

If you are male, married and own a shed, there is every chance that you have converted this space into a secluded refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Some of you may even have converted this space into a gaming lair, and to these individual we must all doff our cap in acknowledgement.

This represents a dream for most men, especially those who have difficult, challenging or downright mundane careers. After a difficult day, there is no finer way for gamers to unwind than relaxing as they play their favorite titles within a compact, cozy and undisturbed space to call their own.

This dream is attainable for anyone, even those who don’t have the first idea of how to start such a process. It can be accomplished within three relatively simple steps, including the following:

Get Connected

While you may not have huge amounts of disposable income to spend on your gaming den, it is possible to build your lair on a budget.

The first step is to get connected, and invest in modern technology that creates diverse and interactive gaming experiences.

From Android-powered, 4K televisions to Roku streaming devices and Chromecast, it is possible to access a handful of select devices that can be connected seamlessly and wirelessly using advanced hardware.

This will even reduce the amount that you need to spend on hardware, as rather than investing in multiple consoles you can buy tools that create a cross-platform gaming den.

One major consideration is your internet connection speed. This will impact your ability to play games online without lag and well as stream in HD without a loss of picture quality.

Standard wireless routers may do the job for you, but my experience has been that the standard cheap router fails in two big ways:

  1. Signal range is poor, if your gameroom not very close to your Wi-Fi router you are in trouble.
  2. Your Wi-Fi speed is much lower than the threshold speed at the source.

For improved range and speed you are going to have to pony up for an elite Wi-Fi router or a full house mesh system that has multiple access points.

One that has done the job for me is the Google WiFi. Super easy to setup, has a great iPhone app to setup, and is rock solid. Get an extra access point for your home theater or gameroom and you are ready to roll.

Google WiFi has nearly doubled my speed on all devices compared to my previous heavy duty standard router!

It also delivered wireless internet at full strength to my theater room that is upstairs and on the opposite end of the house. Previously I had to use a Wi-Fi extender to get Netflix streaming to work in that room.

Home Theatre

Invest in a Large Screen Display as the Focal Point of Your Gaming Den

Every room demands a focal point, and in the case of a gaming den this should be a large screen television.

This will be the medium through which cross-platform is channeled, whether you enjoy frequenting an online casino or wish to translate console-inspired titles onto the big screen.

This will also make is easier to host gaming nights with your friends, as there is a single screen around which players can gather and enjoy their experience.

Your large screen television can also provide a central design feature, around which all other fixtures and furnishings can be placed to create an optimized layout and make the most of your space.

You could also go the projector route.

This enables you to get a much larger screen for less money. Also when the next new technology comes out, you just need to swap in a new projector — but your screen is still viable.

Of course like anything else, it will depend on your budget — as well as the size of your lair. Be careful to measure and plan things out before buying your screen and projector.

If your room is only 5 feet deep, you probably should not be installing a 140″ screen.

In general I like Elite Screens for a being a good bang for the buck. They are available on Amazon — and I love it when huge things can just be delivered to my doorstep.

In terms of projectors, there are so many to choose from. A great performer that will not totally kill your bank account is the Sony VPLHW45ES. It does 3D, is very quiet, has a gaming mode, and delivers an amazing picture.

Cool vintage sthyle egg chair

Make Sure that Your Gaming Den is Comfy

Your game room needs to be embellished with comfortable fixtures and furnishing, which enable you to relax within the space while making it accessible to multiple players during game nights.

Gaming chairs can be sourced relatively cheaply, while an affordable sofa will also enable players to relax in-between games.

Investing in flexible, multi-purpose fittings will also help you to optimize the space at your disposable.

Another thought is Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

I was able to get four practically new, electric reclining theater seats with cup holders for the grand total of $200!

These were over $2000 new!

If you can be smart (0r lucky) on items like this, you can afford to spend the money on other elements of your game room.

coke machine

On a final note, you may want to procure a small and compact mini fridge, so that you can store refreshments in the room for when you have friends over.

Or even better — look for a deal on an old Coke Machine used on Craigslist or eBay.

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