Rare Game Room Gems: Avengers In Galactic Storm

Avengers In Galactic Storm flyer

My son keeps on asking me when the Avengers Blu-Ray is out (any day now son!)…so it made me think to finally getting around to writing about this old game.

With the surprising fact that there was no official video game released to coincide with the release of movie (there is one coming out eventually). I thought I would go back in time to have a look at one of the arcade games featuring The Avengers.

Many of you are probably thinking of the scrolling beat ’em up Captain America & The Avengers, which was released in arcades in 1991, (and then ported to home consoles, such as the Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo.) No we are looking at the more obscure fighting game Avengers in Galactic Storm which was exclusively released in arcades in 1995, and was one of Data East’s last ever fighting games.

Avengers takes its story from a very popular arc in the comic books. It not only features characters from The Avengers, but also the Kree.

Avengers features eight characters to chose from, with four being Avengers and the other four being from the Kree.

What makes this game very special however is that it features assistant characters, and was the very first fighting game to do this.

Think of Marvel vs Capcom, where you could pick an assistant character to jump in and do an attack on your opponent. One of the disappointments of this game is that some of the assistant characters really should have been actual characters for you to play as.

For example Thor, Iron Man, Vision, and Giant Man are all only assistant characters. Control is the usual for a one on one fighting game, you can move in eight directions and you have four attack buttons. Two for punches and two for kicks.

As far as game play modes goes, Avengers is actually pretty good for an arcade exclusive game.

One mode is the story mode, which is actually kind of unique to one on one fighters. While you still have to beat up all the other characters, you kind of follow the story from the comic book.

Of course you also get the standard VS mode that you would find in these kind of fighting games back in the day as well.

Graphically this game really looks amazing, it has really well detailed 3D characters that move in 2D. It really looks different from the other 2D fighting games of the day.

Also the whole theme of the game really fits in well with the comic’s story arc that this game is based on. It’s fair to say that at the time of release, this easily was one of the best looking fighters in the arcades.

Sound is also a great feature of this game; it has some really cool music and some great voice samples also.

So far I have not come across one single dedicated Avengers cab, they all appear to be conversions. That is not to say a dedicated cab was ever built, but most collectors have these as conversions.

You can easily pick up reproductions of all the cab artwork if you wanted to do a conversion. However it will be very interesting to see if the huge success of The Avengers movie will make this classic arcade game go up in value at all.

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