The Epic Pinball Magazine of the Ages

Pinball Magzine Staff

I am terribly late bringing you a review of Pinball Magazine (what’s Pinball Magazine? — checkout our interview with the publisher).

But I have a valid excuse. This magazine is not your average rag. No sir. Not in any way.

This magazine has more reading content than many novels I have read.

It is completely epic in every which way.

Let us count the ways:


I already mentioned the length of the content, but that matters little if it is of poor quality (not a problem here folks). The bulk of the magazine is an interview with pinball player/collector/designer/savior/licensor/historian Roger Sharpe. This is not your standard ten questions interview either.

I used this word already to describe Pinball Magazine..the word is epic. This interview is epic. You could make a film out of this interview. It spans through most of Roger Sharpe’s amazing life.

This interview was just fascinating, enlightening, and wonderful on so many different levels.

Beyond that there are articles about pinball collectors, the brothers who built and run the popular Pinside website, and more. All very well done.


The design and layout look professionally done, are pleasant to the eye, and there are glorious full-color pictures all over the place.

Overall Quality and Polish

The paper and print quality are so outstanding that I actually have had a hard time allowing myself to “dog ear” pages. I have done that with thousands of paperback books and magazines over the years to keep track of my page.

Doing such a thing to my copy of Pinball Magazine just feels wrong. It is that nice and I am not exaggerating one bit.

To wrap up…I can only think of one thing that could be improved. Maybe the name…because “Pinball Magazine” is almost too small of a phrase to equal the output of this publication. It is more like a book in terms of what are getting.

So maybe Epic Pinball Magazine of the Ages. Just a suggestion…

If you have not received your copy yet, seriously do not wait until the first issue is no longer available.

Get your copy immediately and then thank me later.

For more information on Pinball Magazine, please visit their website at

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