The Greatest Movie about Video Games You Have Never Seen

Indie Game: The Movie

With a limited release (unfortunately just like most documentaries) — you probably never saw Indie Game:The Movie in theaters.

Thankfully it was released for home viewing recently.

Indie Game may be the best documentary about video games I have ever seen.

The movie takes a different view from previous films. It does not go into video game history and has nothing to do with classic games.

Indie Game follows the makers of modern independent video games.

The film mainly focused on the two-man team behind Super Meat Boy (Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes) and the one-man team behind Fez (Phil Fish).

You see these artists during their profound and often intense struggles to build these games. It may not sound hard to you, but realize that a game such as Modern Warfare has an army of thousands working on it — the idea of building a video game by yourself (or with just one other person) is quite a task.

The film does a great job of making you feel the agony, stress, panic, madness and near breakdowns that these guys go through during the creation process.

Indie Game is engaging, touching, and inspiring viewing.

I have always thought of video games as simple entertainment — never contemplating the people behind the making of such games.

This movie totally changed the way I look at video games and the people that make them.

I think it may do the same to you.

This is highly recommended viewing. The GameRoom Blog gives it four out of four joysticks.

You can watch Indie Game: The Movie on Amazon Prime.

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