The New Metallica Pinball Machine is Very Heavy Indeed

Metallica Pinball Machine playfield

Initial Thoughts on the New Machine by Stern Pinball

I have been one of Stern’s harshest critics, but I am happy to eat some crow on their upcoming new pinball machine.

The pictures of the upcoming Metallica pinball machine are simply stunning. This is probably the best looking pinball machine that Stern has ever produced.

Featuring smokin’ artwork by Dirty Donny, I am lusting after this game very heavily.

That may not sound like much…but I absolutely am not a fan of Metallica at all. I just never enjoyed their music.

Master of Puppets pinball
If I even was half of a fan, I would have ordered this thing already.

That sounds nuts…but that just says how amazing this machine looks.

Cool translite, absolutely killer playfield art, decent cabinet art, and custom molded items that look unbelievable.

Frankly I am having a hard timing believing this is a Stern game.

A few other things I like are the metal ramps. Cannot remember seeing those since Terminator 3 many years back.

And when was the last time we saw a game with inline drop targets? Such a cool feature, but you rarely see it any more.

This game will be a smash hit.

If you want a Limited Edition version. You better be sending out your deposits immediately. They will sell out faster than a blink of the eye [editor’s note — they did in fact sell out in minutes].

Again I have to give Stern credit for releasing another music-themed pinball machine. We just do not have enough of those to choose from — since we all have different tastes in music and such.

Speaking of past rock pinball machines. I think I would have to say that this game instantly gets in the top 3 of best looking rock pinball machines.

Metallica playfield

Kiss is still #1. But I would put this at #2 and then #3 would be Guns N’ Roses.

Here’s hoping the next Stern music-themed pinball machine is Spinal Tap. I mean shouldn’t the original masters of metal get their own machine too?

Metallica Pinball from Stern

Stern, you can count us in on that one (assuming your Photoshop art is now a thing of the past).

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