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Remember pinball machines? Remember when arcades filled with arcade games and pinball machines were commonplace? They are quickly becoming harder and harder to find out on location in the public domain. Times have changed.

Have you ever thought about having your own pinball machine? Something to play whenever you want? Wouldn’t that be fun for you and your family?

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Today there is a thriving community of pinball collectors who voluntarily refer to themselves as pinheads.

To pinheads used pinball machines, especially those from the 80’s and 90’s are hotter than ever. Values for these classic machines have steadily increased over the past 15 years. In fact, many pinball machines have easily out-performed the stock market.

The Pinball Book is your guide to collecting classic pinball machines. Specifically this book covers the games from the 80’s and 90’s, back when pinball ruled the arcade scene and before manufacturers started cost-cutting, making cheaper quality machines, removing features from games, or discontinuing pinball production altogether.

The 80’s and 90’s was the classic era of modern pinball and the greats are all featured in this book. Everything from Pin*Bot to Twilight Zone to Revenge from Mars — the coolest and most groundbreaking games are all here.

The Pinball Book will help you with questions such as:

  • What pinball machines are worth collecting?
  • What pinball machines deliver the most bang for the buck?
  • Which pinballs should you avoid?
  • What are the best pinball machines ever made?

Even more, the book is also a buyer’s guide with a suggested price for each game and added help for you before the buying your game.

Condition is everything in the pinball market, so you need to be educated before getting in over your head. Learn in detail game-specific problem areas to inspect before buying.

The Pinball Book is written by Kevin Strasser. Kevin is a passionate pinball collector and has been collecting pinball machines for 15 years.

So get ready to jump into the amazing world of classic pinball machines. Just hit that start button and let’s go!

PS: Warning! Once you read this book you will be very likely to buy a pinball machine. Pinball machines are like potato chips — you cannot just stop after one! Remember…you have been warned.

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